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Center for Educational Law

The Center for Educational Law of China University of Political Science and Law (CUPL) was initiated by Prof. Mr. Ma Huaide of CUPL. It is a self-funded research center approved and established by CUPL.


In 2010, by the time when the Measures for the Information Disclosure of Institutions of Higher Learning (hereinafter referred to as the Measures) had been implemented for a year, the center explored and analyzed the works on information disclosure of universities and colleges between 2010 and 2011 according to the statutory obligations stipulated in the Measures. The study aimed at getting further information on information disclosure situations in institutions of higher learning. The center released the Observation Report on Information Disclosure of Institutions of Higher Learning (2010~2011) on December 1, 2011, which was of great influence among the general public.


Director: Prof. Wang Jingbo, Dean of the School of Law-based Government (SLBG), CUPL


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