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Juvenile Legal Education Base of the Ministry of Education

The Juvenile Legal Education Base of the Ministry of Education (MOE), also known as the Juvenile Legal Education Research Center of China University of Political Science and Law (CUPL), was established on April 10, 2012. The base, or the center, is the first legal education base co-established by the Department of Policies and Regulations of the MOE and CUPL. It aims at meeting the needs of the nation, integrates national resources, focuses on theoretical research of juvenile legal education and carries out educational trainings and juvenile legal education publicity. Both sides provide research funding, office spaces, budgeted posts and other necessary elements for the research center.


In May, 2012, Prof. Ma Huaide, Prof. Wang Jingbo and several other scholars put forward the Suggestions on Strengthening Legal Education on Teenagers (hereinafter referred to as the Suggestions) on issues of integrating educational resources, improving educational performance, and conducting tailored education programs. The Suggestions received keen attention from relevant state leaders. Ms. Liu Yandong, Vice Premier of the State Council and Member of the Political Bureau of CPC, made important comments on this work.


Sun Xiaobing, Director General of Department of Policies and Regulations

Prof. Ma Huaide, Vice President of CUPL, President of China Administrative Law Society (CALS)

Vice Directors:

Wang Daquan, Deputy Director of Legislative Affairs Office, MOE

Wang Jingbo, Professor and Dean of the School of Law-based Government (SLBG), CUPL



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