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Blue Book of Law-Based Government is the first blue book on the construction of law-based government in our country. It has given us a comprehensive summary and perspective on the construction of law-based government since 2014. The blue book pointed out that, since 2014, the highlights and major aspects mainly include:

First, promoting the Administrative Power List System, establishing a government power regime with clear definitions of rights and obligations.

Second, revising the Legislation Law and improving the legislation system and procedure.

Third, promoting the legalization of development of administrative policy with specialized and accurate measures.

Fourth, putting forward the reform of administrative law enforcement system, and activelyexploring and innovating the city administration and law enforcement.

Fifth, restricting power with procedure, consistently pushing forward the administrative procedure legislation.

Sixth, reforming the advancing proactive supervision concerning risk regulation and public security and implementing administrative streamlining and delegation of powers to lower levels.

Seventh, the recently enacted National Security Law and Counterespionage Law consolidate the overall National security concepts which lay an important foundation of legalization of national security.

Eighth, legalizing the petitioning system and safeguarding lawful rights and interests of citizens.

Ninth, comprehensively revising and implementing the Administrative Litigation Lawand opening a new chapter of rule of law in administration.





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