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About China Law-based Government Award



The “China Law-based Government Award” was initiated by the School of Law-based Government of China University of Political Science and Law (CUPL) in 2010.

I.                  About the award

The “China Law-based Government Award” (hereinafter referred to as the “award”) is the first award imitated by an academic institution to recognize outstanding measures and programs taken by administrative authorities at all levels to advance law-based administration and rule of law in government. The award follows scientific standards and open selection procedures.

II.               Principles

To ensure fairness, justice and openness of the award, we promise to follow the following principles:

i.                   Non-Profit

This award is a non-profit one. The selection is funded by the selection committee instead of sponsorship from any administrative authorities.

ii.                 Independence

This award follows the principle of independence and neutrality. The selection committee is responsible for the selection of expert panel and carrying out the selection. The selection system and process are independent from the government, enterprises and other organizations.

iii.               Fairness

The selection principles and process guarantee fairness and equity.

iv.               Openness

The selection process of this award is open and transparent, which encourages and welcomes participation and supervision from the general public.

III.            Qualification

This award is open for candidates from governments and departments at all levels, including the central government and local governments. Organizations conducting public management duties authorized by law or regulations are also included.

This award is given to administrative organizations for their important measures or programs in advancing the rule of law in administration and the government. These measures must be innovative, exemplary, and of remarkable social benefits. Any measure or program applying for this award must already been implemented for a minimum of one year by the time the selection announcement is released.

IV.            Selection Organization

There are the preliminary and final selection committees responsible for the first round and the final round of selection respectively. There are also the preliminary and final selection expert pools. Members of the selection committees are randomly selected from the expert pool.

The secretariat of this award is located in the school of Law-based Government in CUPL, which is responsible for the application, evaluation, field investigations and other selection works.

V.               Criterion

Selection criterion of this award includes innovation, scientific value, scope of application and legal significance.


VI.            Process

i.                   Announcement

The selection committee of this award releases application announcement in the media.

ii.                 Application

Applicants must apply for the award in the name of the departments or organizations. Only written applications will be accepted.

iii.               Preliminary selection

The selection committee of this award conducts a preliminary evaluation on all applicants, and a shortlist will be decided by secret ballot.

iv.               Announcement of Shortlist

The shortlist will be released to the public by various means by the secretariat of this award and the results are subject to public supervision.

v.                 Investigation and verification

Committee of this award invites experts to investigate and verify each applicant in the shortlist.

vi.               Final selection

The final selection panel chooses the nominees and the final winners by secret ballot according to preliminary evaluation results as well as the investigation and verification results.

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