Enrollment: 2021 Program for the Advancement of the Rule of Law

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The School of Law-based Government (SLBG) is a high-end think tank for the advancement of law-based government in China, and a research institution in CUPL. The 2021 program for the advancement of the rule of law, organized by SLBG, provides participants with theoretical introduction, tailored seminars, practice-oriented field trips, and a systematic learning opportunity to understand the rule of law. Participants, including but not limited to officials, legal practitioners and educators, will obtain better understanding of relevant theories and knowledge, and will develop better professional skills and management capacities. The goal of the programs is to facilitate the implementation of the latest instructions of Xi Jinping, General Secretary of the CPC Central Committee, on the advancement of the law-based governance in China, and to create an enabling legal environment for reform, development and stability.

For more details on enrollment: http://fzzfyjy.cupl.edu.cn/info/1023/12866.htm


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