SLBG releases the Blue Book of Law-based Government: Development Report on China’s Law-based Government (2020)

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Recently, the Development Report on China’s Law-based Government (2020) edited by the School of Law-Based Government (SLBG), China University of Political Science and Law (CUPL), was published by Social Sciences Academic Press. The book reviews the achievements of China’s law-based government in 2020, focuses on a series of key and hot issues, and contributes academic wisdom to China’s law-based government. Development and Prospects of China’s Law-Based Government (2020) systematically summarizes the new progresses made in year 2020, including understanding the theory of law-based government in Xi Jinping Thought on the Rule of Law, improving China’s legal system for emergency management and public health, facilitating law-based government through the Civil Code, setting up a long-term credibility mechanism, deepening the reforms to streamline administration, delegate power and improve government services so as to stimulate the vitality of the society and boost economic growth.

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